the categories & prizes



Category 1: A quilt I have designed, assembled & quilted entirely by myself.

Category 2: A quilt I have made in a workshop or from a kit or published pattern & quilted myself.

Category 3: A quilt made with the help of a commercial quilter.

Category 4: A textile art quilt. Reflecting a break with tradition. The work as a whole should be an original design with no similarity to the work of another artist. It must be made primarily of fabric & may incorporate embellishments.

Category 5: A small quilt. (No one side longer than 1.5m)

Category 6: A quilt featuring machine embroidery.

Category 7: The first quilt I’ve ever entered for judging.

Category 8: An embellished garment. (All garments entered should be wearable)

Category 9: An item featuring hand embroidery.

Category 10: A home décor item. These can include any quilted items, made for functional home use or for decoration, including but not limited to cushions, hand & shoulder bags, etc.

student (under 18’s)

Category 11: A craft item (quilted or embroidered)

Category 12: A garment.

Category 13: A home décor item.

These can include any quilted or embroidered items, made for functional home use or for decoration, including but not limited to cushions, hand & shoulder bags etc.


Category 14: A quilt.

Category 15: An art quilt.


prizes per category

To encourage you to give your best & thank you for all your hard work, effort & time, there will be First & Second prizes up for grabs in each of the above categories. Please note: prizes may not be awarded in a category unless four or more entries are received.

overall prizes

In addition to having prizes per category, there will also be an overall prize awarded for the following:

Best of Show Quilt: selected from the Amateur categories

Viewers’ Choice: an open category. All quilts that are entered for hanging are eligible for judging in this category. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to vote for their favourite quilt from those displayed in the Extravaganza. Prizes are allocated to the quilts receiving the most votes from the viewing public.

Student (under 18) Major Prize: Under 18’s have a HUGE incentive to enter work this year… Local creative sewing & craft shop Bayside Stitchcraft has generously donated a brand new sewing machine for the under 18 major prize winner!

Bernina Bernette 46
You will likely be the envy of your friends (& your mother!) with this very cool-looking black Bernette 46 sewing machine with gold filigree embellishment & a unique retro look. It has 8 stitches including a 4 step buttonhole, & comes with several easy-to-change snap-on presser feet. So get your entries organised – a craft item, a garment (wearable item), or a home decor item. You may enter more than one category if you wish!



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